Committed to excellence as a world class supplier in the architectural lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting, and safety industries.



Treemen’s assembly operations currently include high-mount stop lights, license plate lights, side markers and rear reflex assemblies. Products are typically assembled within a U-shaped cell, allowing the operator to finish their work in the same location they began and eliminate wasted time.


Vacuum metalizing deposits a thin layer of metal film onto the surface of plastic or metal substrates.  Treemen Industries also has the capability to apply a thin layer of in-chamber topcoat over the metalizing when the application is required on various grades of optics.  Optical substrates include various grades of plastic parts/optics, optical trims or bezels, aluminum die-cast parts/optics, and aluminum stampings/optics.

Cure Painting

Treemen Industries proudly offers both robotic and manual spray painting options for basecoat and topcoat needs. Basecoating is typically used in tandem with vacuum metalizing while top-coating can be used to provide a coating to protect against oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion or can provide a decorative color or finish appearance on a part.

Injection Molding

Automated robots and conveyors are used with thermoplastic injection presses to remove parts efficiently and effectively, ensuring a high-quality product. Current materials/resins processed include PC, HT-PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PEI/Ultem, ABS, Acrylic-PMMA, ASA, Nylon, PBT, PAR and PP.


The Quality Management System of Treemen Industries is IATF 16949 : 2016 and ISO 9001 : 2015 certified, capable of supporting both high- and low-volume programs. For more than 20 years, we have been committed to continuously improving, as evidenced by our emphasis on the 6S lean manufacturing process (6S stands for Sort, Straighten, Scrub, Standardize, Sustain and Safety).

We place unwavering focus on employee education and training, the importance of flexible U-shaped work cell layout, preventative maintenance, standard operating procedures, just-in-time delivery and visual controls.


Treemen is uniquely positioned to support our engineering design requirements as well as our Lean supply chain standards for metalized plastics.  Rarely is there a supplier who can consistently fulfill both!

Treemen delivers strong and reliable service for injection molded components for Lighting. They understand our requirements for a Kanban system and provide dependable service to our US POMs. I can count on Treemen to deliver on-time with short 2-3 day lead times. They show a willingness to support cost down initiatives when requested. All of this is visible in their strong scores on our monthly supplier scorecard.

We originally started business with Treemen many years ago due to the ability to mold, basecoat paint, and metallize. There are tons of molders out there, however only a small percentage are able to metallize in the same facility. Also Treemen has demonstrated the ability to provide good quality, delivery performance, and competitive cost.

One of the best qualities of Treemen is their staff that is knowledgeable and does whatever is required to meet the needs of their customers. Treemen is a very low maintenance supplier which is a huge positive.